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Into the Wild #22

All images by Adam Bannister

Over the last two weeks our guests have seen an incredible number of lucky sightings, one of which has been this beautiful female leopard, standing tall in the long grass after the recent rains before sneaking off to disappear into the forests of Enonkishu.

Our new "Birders Trail" is providing us with some very special moments. The two hidden camera traps, working 24/7, are proving to us the abundance of wildlife that walks in, and around, House in the Wild in the middle of the night. The most notable is this female leopard who appears to have now included our walking trail on her weekly territorial jaunt.

The Bannister's celebrated Leo's first birthday, with family and friends. In Kenyan culture, family is considered a major factor when it comes to identity, a sense of belonging and security. The Wild family is an extraordinary close unit and what a family to grow up in!

Wildlife continues to flourish in the landscape around House in the Wild. Kisaru, our most famous cheetah, continues to grace us with her presence.

The Elephant herds are enjoying the lush grasses in Enonkishu at the moment and congregating to feed, or drink.

The Sankai male lions, now down to three, are never far away - spending the warm daylight hours tucked away in the bushes, before coming out into the open once the bite of the sun has dipped. These three male lions have lost much of their land, and we now believe that they are only in control of a single pride of females.

Further south, in Lemek, the lions are in good health. The female (with the three cubs) continues to protect her litter, moving them under cover of darkness between forest fragments. With hard work, and a lot of luck, it's possible to get a viewing of this delightful family. We have been monitoring them since birth, and are excited with their progress. The rumour mill has it that more members from this pride have since also given birth - fun times ahead.

We are lucky to be graced with an abundance of birdlife, a huge diversity and a plethora of beauty and colours, always something incredible to see in between the animal sightings.

Rosy-throated Longclaw

Grey Crowned Cranes

Verraux's Eagle-Owl

Southern Ground Hornbill

Our guests get the chance to dive deeper into the landscape and the people who call it home.

Our wild experience awaits you...


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