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Welcome to Kipeleo; an exquisite retreat with 5 rooms, built into the edge of the Kileleoni Hill, the highest point in the Maasai Mara.


Offering breathtaking views across distant horizons, Kipeleo is more than a luxury retreat; it’s a sanctuary carefully crafted to inspire, rejuvenate, and leave guests with a life changing experience. Kipeleo’s design on a remote hilltop, with living grass roofs, is seamlessly integrated into the surrounding landscape, showcasing a thoughtful fusion of luxury and sustainability.  


Every glance offers sweeping views of the Mara Serengeti Ecosystem, with shards of light shining through the clouds down from the heavens. 


It is part of an evolving conservation story, of hope, growth and progress. 


Kipeleo is a story of nurturing partnerships and protecting the vast landscapes below.

Unlocking soon...

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