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Into the Wild #21

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

By Adam Bannister & Lippa Wood

Time flies when you're having fun. At camp we have just said farewell to an extended family of 16 who have spent the last 7 nights with us. The same group came exactly a year ago, and it seems that House in the Wild is just the perfect destination for them to all meet up. Family and friends reunited under African skies. Game Drives, sundowners, walks, bike rides, tree planting, swimming, fishing, runs, tennis, croquet, long lunches with delicious treats - just the perfect way to reconnect.

The rains appear to have stopped, or at least subsided. The water levels in the Mara River have dropped considerably and the ground is slowly starting to dry out. The grasslands are green, and the skies a brilliant blue - punctuated with the most amazing assortment of clouds. Needless to say the Mara is looking stunning and most sightings at this time of the year we have all to ourselves and there is a wonderful energy in the air.

It is also around this time that word starts to spread, and news starts to filter through from south of the border. We are still a fair way away from the arrival of the Great Migration, but it is getting closer. It's the metaphorical calm before the storm.

We are wrapping up a rather special event at the Mara Training Centre. For the last 3 weeks we have been hosting Imaging the World. A group of international doctors and radiographers who have been training nurses in the area, on using portable ultrasound equipment. Sophisticated technologically allows ultrasounds to be sent remotely, and instantly, to doctors from Imaging the World who will be able to support the nurses on the ground to ensure that the expectant mothers receive accurate information, and improved prenatal healthcare.

Diana spent a few wonderful days at Sasaab, with our fellow members of The Long Run, a community of exceptional destinations who support and inspire each other to expand their positive impact and to excel in following the highest standards of sustainability encompassing Conservation, Community, Culture and Commerce (4Cs). We are grateful to be a part of this amazing organization, and to have the chance to learn to do things the right way.

The House in the Wild and the Bush and Beyond team have been down in Cape Town at the We Are Africa travel show.

This platform is the perfect place to reconnect with friends and meet new ones within the travel industry and a great opportunity to share the exciting developments happening on our Wild journey. We were excited to introduce House in the Wild to those we had not yet met and introduce the Wild Villas to people who had heard rumblings of these properties over the last year. Part of our bigger picture journey, of moving from farmland to a wildlife sanctuary, involved bringing in partners who created private safari homes close to us, helping us to achieve our objective of re-wilding the old Olerai bean farm to what it is today.

Photo credit @silverless

We feel so fortunate to be able to host guests looking for an exclusive stay with friends or family in the Wild Villas alongside the opportunity for us to generate more conservation fees for the surrounding communities through these incredible properties. Our team manage every part of the guest experience at these beautiful safari homes, and we hope guests leave feeling inspired and ready to book their trip back in the future.

Photo credit @silverless

The Wild Villas have been open for guests for over a year now and we are so excited about the feedback that has come in from the families and groups that have stayed there. Guests staying at a Wild Villa or in a room at the House in the Wild lodge are all treated to the same wild magic; the utterly unique experience, the exceptional game viewing, the chance to learn more about our conservation story, the delicious and sustainably sourced menus, the warm smiles and the chance to be immersed in this Mara life.

Photo credit @silverless

Bringing the Wild Villas under House in the Wild, gives us the chance to grow, gives our guests more options and gives us the chance to share more of all that is going on in this special part of the Mara.

It all helps with our bigger picture commitment of restoring wildlife habitats, in harmony with improving the lives of the people living here...

Photo credit @ Eddie Ritchie

Photo credit @ Chris Taylor

We also are beyond excited to have made it onto the Conde Nast Readers Choice awards. If you have a few spare minutes, please vote for us. Voting is open for another month, so any votes are hugely appreciated by our whole team!

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Asante sana!


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