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Into the Wild #2

By Adam Bannister

As far as safari destinations go, Kenya has it all. From the vast open grasslands of the Maasai Mara to the other-worldly extinct volcanoes of the northern extremities. The flamingo covered lakes, the towering backdrop of Kilimanjaro and the red dusts of Tsavo. A visit to Kenya will change your life. The variation within this country is remarkable, and if you dare to step just a little out of your comfort zone, you will undoubtably be rewarded to the adventure of a lifetime.

In my opinion, the secret recipe to a successful safari lies in finding a combination of wildlife, a variety of experiences and genuine authentic encounters with people from other walks of life. A truly great safari should push you, pull you and delight you. It should take you away from the crowds and bathe you in new emotions. It should take your breath away. It should teach you the way of life for those who call the landscape home.

It should put the emphasis on what is important, and above all, the secret to a great safari is that it should leave you with an overwhelming sense of joy.

I have been at House in the Wild for just over three weeks and already I am in awe of the experiences that are on offer. It is authentic and organic, it is relaxed and homely. I see families who come to stay, soaking in the opportunity to reconnect – playing badminton on the lawn or swimming in the pool. I hear laughter coming from the ping pong table. I see honeymooners delighting in their new-found love. I see photographers marvelling at not having to share sightings with other cars. I see best friends climbing trees and singing songs. I see smiles of local people whose lives are enriched by those who have come to visit their country. I see a lodge that feels like a home located in the wilds of one of the most beautiful parts of Africa.

Something that makes this home even more special is that it is surrounded by an abundance of wildlife. These last two weeks we have witnessed at least three different sets of lions mating within 500 meters of us – nearby a journey of over 20 giraffes marched across the fields and a flock of over 300 geese, ducks, storks and cranes settle down by the water.

Kisaru, a female cheetah with her two cubs, has managed to have good success in the hunting arena, bringing down both an impala, and a gazelle within a few days.

Hundreds of thousands of wildebeest are still in the area – the greatest migration, and one of the true spectacles of the natural world.

House in the Wild is home to some of the most iconic trees, and some of the biggest horizons. Text-book perfect examples of this ecosystem. Massive skies – ideal for photography, or painting.

Add an elephant to the equation and it is truly one of the most perfect scenes.

What better way to wrap up another day in paradise then to climb a top the highest point in the Maasai Mara, to sit back with an ice-cold beer and to soak in the colours as they dance across the skies. Oh, what joy it is to have a ‘House in the Wild’.

Please email to book a stay - September is an amazing month to be here and there is some last minute availability.

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